We are recruiting beta testers for KOSA AI

Beta testing

We are officially announcing the recruitment for the first round of KOSA AI closed-beta test.

KOSA AI’s enterprise-ready solution can be seamlessly integrated with any data sources or model frames and offers four modules to help detect bias and risks within the machine learning lifecycle. 

To improve the main functionalities and provide our users with a better experience, we are recruiting beta testers with prior experience in software testing and basic data science knowledge is required to participate in the first round beta test of the KOSA AI Automated Responsible AI System.

The call is open for everyone that is interested in testing out software solutions and enterprises that are ready to start implementing responsible AI in their AIs. We are working with the following industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Hiring
  • Insurance
  • Credit/Risk Assessment
  • AI compliance
  • AI regulations

How to apply

To apply, please sign up at app.kosa.ai or contact us directly at team@kosa.ai.

More details, here: http://www.kosa.ai/community-launch/