Meet our Founders- Sonali Sanghrajka

It’s time to meet our amazing founders, true superstars that make KOSA AI ready to create the upcoming data-let AI societal transformation. 
The series "Meet KOSA AI" continues with introducing to you our founders and we are getting first-hand insights into the world of KOSA AI. 

Started in Nairobi, Kenya, our amazing founders Layla Li and Sonali Sanghrajka met with the passion for driving positive impact through technology. As diversity is not our goal, but an ongoing process embedded in our organization's DNA, we have been growing team based all over the globe- The Netherlands, Kenya, India, Ethiopia, North Macedonia, South Korea and many more.


We sat down with Sonali, co-founder and CCO, and asked her couple of questions about her and KOSA's story. 

 1. Tell us about your journey on creating KOSA AI and what was the motivation behind it.

   KOSA AI was born in Kenya during the arduous COVID times. As businesses closed down and the world started migrating to online, KOSA AI seized this opportunity, capitalizing the refreshed talent pool, creating a fully online, diverse team. The motivation to starting KOSA AI came from the very fact that “AI is pervasive, growing and generating trillions in economic activity but 85% of the results AI generates is false due to bias”. We conceptualized KOSA AI knowing that technology will play a critical role in building a future that is equitable, accessible and inclusive for all.

 2. What does it mean to be a co-founder and CCO? What part of your job brings you the most satisfaction? 

  The love of the problem itself and the global impact we can create in solving this problem. It is sad that we live in a world where bias, prejudice and discrimination still make headlines and it is the hope of solving this that gives me the most satisfaction.

 3. Why do you care?

  Being female and of ethnic minority myself, I have undergone the wrath of some sort of discrimination. NO human being should feel like they are not included or do not belong, especially due to bias and prejudice.

 4. For the end, can you share with us something that you’re passionate about?

 Diversity, equity and inclusion for all!

Sonali is such an inspiration and her drive to success in making global impact with figuring out solutions for mitigating AI bias and future-proofing AI is contributing to KOSA's mission of enabling more inclusive technologies.